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************New Catalogue for 2010 is currently being prepared and will be available for download late Feb/Early March 2010 - Many New Exciting Products Are Coming Online Soon*******************************

Most Popular Product in 2009: Harry Potter Books(Indonesian Translation)

Most Popular Product so far this year: DVDs Bi-lingual

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Kambing  Puts Indonesian/English Language Learning at your Fingertips

KAMBING is a totally Australian owned firm, specialising in the production and distribution of language resources for teachers and students of Indonesian and/or English as a Second Language. We sell online internationally and have been doing so since 1995!  Kambing International Press is an imprint of Kirrily King Publishing ABN 66824872974 and is physically located in Canberra, ACT Australia. it is run by a teacher who is still actively teaching and has 20 years + experience in the field.


Learning foreign languages like English, or Indonesian, is a breeze with a little help from resources in our Kambing online shop.


English As A Second Language Resources

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All the material on this website is written by experienced teachers, who are qualified to teach in their chosen language.

Teachers Advisory Service

Want some help or advice on classroom strategies or resources to use? Why not email us at enquiries@kambing.com.au and we will try to offer you osme assistance.

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